Keeping up with multiple buyer personas is a tough job. If they’re all different, there’s always a danger that you’re catering to one group while seeming irrelevant to others. Tack on the fact that you only have one social media account to reach these different groups of people and you have one big, huge, challenging job.

What Are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase pages are extensions of your Company Page. These single profile pages are “mini pages” that help companies promote brands or products to a specific buyer persona. This allows users to follow only that specific Showcase Page instead of following the Company Page and all other Showcase Pages and allows companies to curate content that is specific to that particular audience.

For example, if you’re a sporting goods and recreational company that also offers athletic training for marathoners and triathletes, hikers and campers are probably not going to want to read about tapering and fuel gels. They would probably be more inclined to follow your general Company Page or a Showcase Page about camping to keep up more relevant articles instead. With Showcase Pages, marketers have the opportunity to share content that is tailor made for a particular audience. This helps keep content more interesting and personal to the reader and increases engagement.

Plus, marketers get analytics for each Showcase Page they create.

Special Features of Showcase Pages

  • Showcase Pages have a larger “hero” image at the top.
  • These pages do not have careers, products, and services tabs like Company Pages.
  • Showcase Pages link directly back to the Company Page. This allows your pages to be centralized around your company.
  • Employee profiles cannot connect to Showcase Pages.
  • Unlike a group page, you can make Company Updates and Sponsored Updates.

How Do I Create a Showcase Page?

1. On your Company Page, click the “Edit” button and “Create a Showcase Page.”

2. Decide on a page name and administrators. The name will have to be different from your main Company Page name.

3. Enter any information you’d like, even include videos and images.

4. Click “Publish.”

5. Continue creating content for your target audience.

6. Have more to share? You can create up to 10 free Showcase Pages.

If there aren’t any stark differences between your product offerings and you still want to take advantage of Showcase Pages, they work really well for special campaigns and events too.