Remember in 2013 when Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook attempted to buy Snapchat for $3 billion?  Since the camera company declined the offer, Facebook has transformed into a social media copycat and has been actively “copycatting” Snapchat in a number of ways.

Just recently we shared the Facebook announcement that it was cloning Snapchat Stories with its Messenger Day feature.  But this isn’t the only Snapchat “inspired” feature Facebook has copied as of late.

Clones from over the past 12 Months

Over the past year, Facebook has proven its dedication to take on Snapchat by imitating several of its leading features.  Here is a quick snapshot of the features Facebook has cloned:

  • Messenger Day
  • “Masks” for Facebook Live (identical to Snapchat Lenses)
  • Messenger filters
  •  Facebook original shows (both companies are attempting to create original video series, though Snapchat’s series would only be a few minutes per episode compared to Facebook’s shows which would be up to 30 minutes long)

Facebook Isn’t the Only Social Media Copycat

Other social media networks are cloning several of Snapchat’s best and most beloved features.  Instagram and WhatsApp, for example, introduced “Stories”, both of which are almost identical to the ad products Snapchat offers.  Instagram also now has geostickers which are similar to Snapchat’s location-awareness stickers.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Network for Your Business

Choosing the best social media network for your business means understanding which platform(s) have the greatest potential to:

  • Reach your target audience; and
  • Broadcast the type of media that best suits your company

You don’t have to be amazing on every platform.  Spending time and resources on only one or two platforms is worth more than being “average” on every platform.  Ask yourself questions like:

  •  What is the age/gender/location of your target market, and how does that pair up with a specific social media network?
  • Are you trying to get in touch with consumers or businesses?
  • Do you have “visual appeal”?

Small Screen Producer can help you sort through the clutter and will craft the best social media strategy for your business.  We take an all encompassing approach when we build social media strategies while holding your business goals as our number one priority.

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