Google My Business is making it easier than ever for local pool and spa companies to get the most out of their online listing.

Kim Spalding, a Product Management Director at Google, says that these advancements were made after hearing many small businesses say that they want to save time at work and have access to easy-to-use promotional tools. Not only can businesses answer a series of questions to have Google develop a personalized plan for your company, there are now local Grow with Google workshops being hosted across the country.

Other Listing Updates for Google My Business

Google My Business revealed a number of changes in its most recent update, including:

Greater control over photos

Pool and spa companies can now set a preferred cover photo for their profile. Logos are also more prominently displayed, and the new “photo display” option allows you to quickly show company photos to online audiences.

Welcome offers for consumers

Local businesses can display incentives to encourage visitors to “Follow” their business and claim offers.

Automatic content generation

Google has now created tools which allow pool and spa companies to easily print and display online information offline such as customer reviews, follows, and star ratings.

“Local Favorites” option

Businesses who are tagged as being a “local favorite” will receive both digital and physical badges acknowledging how great they are.

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