Instagram has a new app out today and it will change the way you post Instagram videos. The new Hyperlapse app promises iPhone users smooth, professional-level video clips and even lets users timelapse videos without pricey equipment involved.

Timelapse is a video technique that captures footage a lower frame rate. This means that videographers can speed up captured video to show progress at a faster rate than normal. For example, instead of showing the video of a horizon from sunrise to sunset (which would take a whole day to film), the whole video footage can be sped up to play in a matter of seconds.

Take a look at a sample timelapse video we create for one of our clients below:

How 3D printing Enhances the Design Process, Video Production Houston from Small Screen Producer on Vimeo.

The timelapse technique also requires holding your phone or camera still for the entire filming process. So what Instagram went ahead and did was have stabilization features built into the app. This lets users create timelapse videos with a smooth, cinematic look, quality, and feel. Something that otherwise would cost thousands of dollars in video equipment.

A big priority for Instagram is creating a set of simple tools to give people the opportunity to express their creativity. With Hyperlapse, users and brands will have the chance to share even more engaging, creative video content online. According to Instagram’s blog post, users don’t need an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, this app opens directly to the mobile device’s camera. Users will just need to access their camera, tap to begin recording and tap to stop. Then, users can choose a playback speed and tap the checkmark to save it to their camera roll. Finally, users are able to share the video on Instagram easily from there.

To see the new Hyperlapse feature in action, take a look at this beautiful intro video from Instagram: