Instagram has been following in the footsteps of its parent company Facebook to a T. Earlier this year, we saw Instagram introduce longer videos, then algorithmic changes to its user feeds. More recently, the image focused social network announced that brand profiles were on the way and, just this past week, introduced its new logo and app interface.

Whew. Despite all of these recent changes, it seems even more changes are on the way for Instagram, and this one is geared to us marketers. Say hello to more data! According to Later (formerly Latergramme), Instagram will be introducing new detailed analytics. These analytics (similar to Facebook’s Insights) will provide marketers and data junkies alike with detailed information on their followers and posts.

Data will include age distribution, geographic distribution, gender distribution, and follower activity by hour.

Top posts will display all images posted within a specific time frame (seven or 30 days) and sorted by impressions.

Insights will be helpful in helping marketers determine how and when to speak to their followers, providing marketers with ideal times to post to receive the best engagement rates. In addition, marketers will be able to determine whether or not older posts still resonate with Instagram followers.

In addition to seeing details such as age and gender, followers’ analytics section will display how many new followers you’ve gained hourly or on a weekly basis. This can provide marketers with insight into which posts led to new followers or post that may have spread virally, for example.

The new Instagram analytics will prove to be amazing for marketers, especially if Instagram is pulling the same kind of demographic data that Facebook pulls.

Instagram is expected to release its analytics tool within the next few months. Overall, expect Instagram to evolve into Facebook in terms of what tools and resources it provides to businesses and advertisers.