Facebook made a number of announcements during their recent Facebook F8 developer conference. Some of the highlights included a greater focus on Facebook Groups and Events and the release of two new VR headsets, the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S.  There are going to be some major updates to Instagram.

Since acquiring the network in 2012, Facebook has continually made positive changes to Instagram. So what changes can we expect over the upcoming months?

Updates to the Camera’s Interface

Instagram’s camera design is about to change. With its new interface, all modes will be arranged into a radial dial which surrounds the shutter button.

Hidden “Likes” and “Views”

The network will be starting a trial run in Canada where “likes” and video “views” will be concealed from the eyes of users. Many suspect this is being done to encourage users to appreciate the value of posts rather than “like” or watch them based on their popularity.

Introducing “Create” Mode

Create Mode is intended to make content sharing easier on the network. The network hasn’t given us too many details.  But users should be able to post content without posting a picture or video.

Why Pool & Spa Companies Should Advertise on Instagram

One of the obvious reasons why pool and spa companies should be posting ads on Instagram is because of the sheer number of users. This year, it is expected that there will be over 111 million active users in the United States alone.

If that’s not convincing enough, here are some other facts to consider:

  • Instagram users engage with content more than any other network
  • It’s linked to Facebook which makes ad creation and targeting fast and simple
  • The ads are less intrusive than others, meaning they are less likely to annoy your audiences

It’s also a highly visual network, making it a natural marketing tool for pool and spa companies. Share your latest project’s progress, show off your completed outdoor living areas, and delight your audience with your gorgeous aquatic escapes.

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