Since late 2016, Instagram has been tinkering with shoppable product tags.  By using this tagging function, retailers can “tag” products in their photos and, after a user selects his or her product of choice, a “see an in-app details page” will appear where the price, description, additional photos, and a “Shop Now” button will be revealed.

Shoppable Product Tags Expected to take Instagram to the Next Level

Before shoppable product tags, in order to purchase a product seen in a picture or video on Instagram, users would need to click on a link in a poster’s bio.  This, of course, hampered sales since the more steps there are to the final destination (hopefully a sale or at least a subscription), the less likely a user will end up there.

Instagram initially began allowing a handful of retail brands like Coach and Abercombie&Fitch Bauble Bar to use shoppable product tags to attract iOS users in the United States in early November 2016.  Instagram stayed true to their promise of not taking a cut of the purchases and seems to be continuing with the plan to monetize this new offering by allowing brands to pay to show these shoppable photos to people who do not follow them.

Tags Expected to Expand to Other Media and Geographies

Instagram’s Vice President of Monetization, James Quarles, has said that shoppable product tags won’t stop at just videos.  These tags will soon be available for:

  • Video posts
  • Photo carousels
  • Countries outside of the United States

Get Your Name on Instagram the Right Way

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