Email marketing continues to sit at the top of what are the most effective online marketing techniques available today. Email drip campaigns are a powerful way to strike a balance between building your subscriber list and keeping your readership engaged. But they can be time and labor-intensive.

Email drip campaigns are worth your attention and efforts. There are a number of benefits that come with this type of marketing, like:

1. Greater Engagement

Email drip campaigns are powered through the timing and behaviors of your readers. Based on these two factors, certain automated (though seemingly customized) messages are sent on your company’s behalf to warm leads.

Because they are timely, there’s a greater chance of your readership both opening the emails and taking action. Research from the agency Epsilon found that triggered emails, in comparison to email campaigns, lead to a nearly 62 percent higher open rate. Click rates were substantially better, with drip campaigns raking in a 141.6 percent higher rate than “business as usual” emails.

2. Trusted Sales Funnel Movement

The phrase “drip campaign” comes from the literal action of your leads flowing through the sales funnel. Each email is designed to take an individual further down the funnel toward making a purchase or commitment of some kind.

This, however, is easier said than done. Attempting to plot out the many different directions visitors may take when visiting your pool and marketing site is a time-consuming endeavor. Pool Marketing Site takes the pain out of planning out the many journeys a visitor may take by laying out the journey for your audience for you.

3. Less Effort

Your pool and spa company will enjoy greater engagement with less effort on your behalf. When you hire a marketing company, everything is automated and taken care of for you, so you can simply sit back and watch the conversions happen.

The Pool Marketing Site Email Drip Campaign Process

We harness the powers of SharpSpring to craft powerful email drip campaigns designed to drive and nurture leads to the point they are willing to make a commitment to your company. Our process is proven to increase productivity, provide clients with real-time marketing (so your sales staff can act fast!) and drive sales.

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