The Average Human Attention Span is 8 Seconds

Marketing has never found itself in a noisier, more distracting world these days with the accessibility of technology, which allows us to create content on a whim. With the noise becoming louder and more overwhelming, how do you catch the attention of your customers and get them to hear and consider your brand messages? In the world of marketing and advertising, messages have become more of the “short and sweet” variety.

The Short End of the Marketing Stick

Nothing has contributed to this or has been affected by this change than advertising on social media platforms. This fall, Facebook plans on adding video ads and marketers will have a change to post 15 second spots on users’ News Feeds. YouTube’s current ads are 15-40 seconds, but most can be skipped after only first five seconds. Instagram video only allows 15 seconds of playtime, while Vine takes it to a whole new level with only six seconds to share your message to the world.

While this might stress out brands, some have found a way to make the most out of the media and restrictions presented to them. Just because content is short and concise, doesn’t mean that it can’t be meaningful and powerful. And it certainly doesn’t have to lose its quality. In fact, the short attention spans and compact avenues force advertisers to come up with better content that’s more entertaining, inspiring, meaningful, hilarious, and not at all self-centered, which makes a greater impression and gets noticed. According to Social Media Today, 40% of most-shared Instagram videos are from brands.


What Content Can Companies Create to Catch Attention?

Businesses (especially in B2B) may think that Instagram and Vine are media that are inappropriate to use for their industry or that they may not have the resources to create a meaningful piece. While there are many ways to utilize these two social sites, some quick, yet powerful content ideas are:

  • How-to and demo videos that provide value, but are short enough to leave the viewer wanting to learn more
  • Video tours that give the viewer a glimpse or takes them “behind the scenes” into your company – this can be a great way to humanize your brand!
  • Impromptu product reveals that showcase your offerings, again, without revealing too much
  • Contests (revealed on one social platform) to attract visitors, get users excited about your brand, and encourage them to become brand loyalists.


Regardless of what social network or content medium you decide to use, consider creating content for your brand that has:

  • A witty, clever headline
  • Make it quick, concise, short
  • Include an eye-catching image

For great marketing success, your online posts need to be able to connect to the audience in either an emotional or intelligent way.

Videos, of course, whether they’re custom professionally done pieces or ones created through Instagram or Vine, are the best type of medium to bring a breath of fresh air into your content marketing strategy and trigger that type of reaction from users. Listen to what you customer wants to read, make it quick and concise, and add something special that makes it stand apart from your competitors.

We have to say that the biggest benefit of content creation on social networks is the humanization it provides. Humanizing a brand is the most powerful way to drive new customers and brand ambassadors for your business while showing credibility and transparency. Two things that are important for any brand loyalist.


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