The Power of LinkedIn

B2B audiences and business professionals need to understand the importance of using LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, to their social media marketing advantage. The marketing possibilities with LinkedIn are endless and with over 150 million members, growing daily, LinkedIn has proven itself as a powerful lead generation tool.

76.9% of LinkedIn users said that LinkedIn Marketing helped them research people and companies. Wouldn’t you like to be the company that is being researched by potential customers? Erase the thought that by just having a Facebook or Twitter account that you can reach your audience. Get involved with LinkedIn. We guarantee that it will not only help you boost lead generation but bring a valuable, brand awareness to your business.

Let’s discuss the benefits of LinkedIn and we will share some helpful tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn page!

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The Backbone of LinkedIn – How to Optimize

Over all there are 3 ways that LinkedIn helps improve your B2B communication method, social media marketing strategy and brand exposure:

  • Engagement
  • Features
  • Networking


Customer engagement is a major strength of LinkedIn. 81% of LinkedIn users belong to atleast 1 LinkedIn group and 35% said they checked their LinkedIn account daily. If you have more customers visiting your LinkedIn page and sharing content from it, the better they get to know you as a business. LinkedIn is known as a professional social networking site so it fits in perfectly with your marketing strategies and starting up conversations with your customers. Generate feedback and start the customer engagement today with LinkedIn!


LinkedIn MobileLinkedIn changed greatly since it first entered the social media scene. In 2011, 72% of B2B marketers were using LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy. Sprucing up your LinkedIn page can increase your lead generation because customers are spending an average amount of up to 10 minutes on your page.

Did you know that LinkedIn has an App Center? The application directory lets you choose from an assorted amount of apps that can enrich and expand your network. Gather insights about customers and control who gets access to specific information.

So we know that LinkedIn can be used to promote and display your business, but did you know that a great feature of LinkedIn is that it now offers advertising? LinkedIn Ads start at as little as $10 a day!


LinkedIn allows you and your business to make connections fast. Enabling your email and previous connections you are able to see who and how you are connected to people you never knew before. LinkedIn allows you access to the right people, right at your fingertips. A few ways to guarantee networking success:

  • Be personable
  • Get social and message your prospects
  • Begin a Q&A with customers
  • Join groups
  • Update your page often

LinkedIn can be your go-to professional “coffee shop” where you discuss topics with other businesses, current customers and potential customers. Your profile on LinkedIn gives your business a face and should be optimized for successful social media marketing.

For more tips on how to enhance your social media marketing for your overall online marketing strategy, click below a free download of our ebook! 

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