Android and iOS users in the United States now have the option of “following” search topics on the mobile news card in their Google search app feed.

After completing a search for a topic such as a television show, a sports team, a musician or a movie, Google searchers will now see a “Follow” button.  Tap on the button, and you will then add that topic to your feed.

Google has also improved its machine learning algorithms and hopes that the search engine will be better at anticipating the interests of each unique searcher.  The search results will also show trending local and global stories from a variety of sources so that an array of viewpoints and perspectives are offered.

Keeping Up With Google

Every time a change is made to Google’s search engine, brands have the opportunity to make the most of it.  While it is unclear at this time whether brand and product searches are going to be included in this new follow feature, there are other ways you can increase your chances of being found on Google:

  • Have a distributed content strategy. Diversifying your traffic sources and having a multichannel strategy means being able to generate traffic from a variety of online hotspots.  For instance, video marketing is a great format for diversifying traffic.  You can publish your video on Wistia, then on YouTube, and then on various social media pages.
  • Change your keyword strategy.  People are searching differently on Google.  Start incorporating long-tail and conversational keywords into your posts to increase your rank.
  • Change your content strategy.  Make the user experience a priority.  Create content that answers the questions your audience are asking, remove annoying features like pop-up ads, and take your time creating authoritative, thoughtful content.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Small Screen Producer

Engagement is key when it comes to staying ahead of your competition online, but first you have to be found.  Find out more about how Small Screen Producer can increase your website’s ranking on Google today by calling (281) 569-4370.