Last week Google made a major announcement that will impact any pool company which has the messaging function turned on through their Google My Business app: Consumers will now be able to receive instant sales quotes through Google Search.

Google hinted that the instant quote function may become available on Google My Businesses listings back in May. Now a “Get a Quote” button will show up beneath the heading of your company name in the Knowledge Panel whenever a consumer searches for your pool or spa firm. The quote button will appear on both desktop and mobile devices.

Why Instant Sales Quotes Through Google My Business Matter

When consumers are in the initial investigative stages of building a pool, a spa or purchasing a hot tub, one of the leading questions they have is how much it will cost. Having the instant quote available to users increases the likelihood of them contacting your business. It’s quick, easy and hassle-free.

Shouldn’t The Quote Be More Personalized?

One concern you may have about the instant quote function through Google My Business is the lack of personalization which goes into it. Requesting a quote in this matter means that your quotes and messages will be delivered by the same AI as your competition, so the quote will lack your branded personal touch.

Increase Sales & Offer Instant Customer Quotes Through Your Website!

Once a user receives a quote from your pool company, he or she will either choose to explore your company further or continue to search elsewhere. The Google My Business instant quote function can serve as a valuable way to vet users, meaning warmer and more qualified leads will be heading to your website.

This is why having a “quote” function on your website is also important. The visitor will likely reach out again through your website “quote” page with a more detailed query about their dream pool design, features, and functions.

With Pool Marketing Site’s web page quote options, you can deliver customized quotes to potential clients while sending hot leads to your sales team. From inground pools and above ground pools to pool remodels and hot tubs, we have a sales quote estimator that is perfect for your pool company.

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