Google has added a new product to its G Suite business products known as Meet by Google Hangouts.  Unlike Hangouts, Google Meet is an HD video conferencing application is geared towards businesses and is less consumer-focused.

A Web and Mobile Friendly Application

There is currently a Web application and an iOS version of Google Meet.

As of today, there is not a product description for Android.

The desktop version of the application allows users to join a meeting by entering a unique code.  In the iOS application listing, there are more features listed including:

Dial-in numbers for those who cannot access the video stream
Gmail integration for G Suite users
Google Calendar integration for G Suite users

The application supports HD video meetings with up to 30 participants, whereas Hangouts is limited to only 10 people.

A Quick Look at Google Meet

On the application’s main screen, you will see a list of your scheduled meetings as well as other details including:


Users can click on a “Join” button to attend a meeting from your phone, and additional buttons allow you to switch off the video or mute the call.  In the main window you can see who is talking as well as view a list of other participants and their email addresses.

Importance of Video Communication

Products like Google Meet make one thing very clear: people love communicating through video.  Whether it is communicating with team members, other businesses or with customers, video is critical when it comes to extending your brand’s reach in today’s modern marketplace.

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