Google is always looking to better serve its users, especially the majority of on-the-go users that access Google through their mobile devices. To better compete with other review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare, Google Maps is rolling out a few new user-friendly features to take note. Google mobile users will begin seeing these changes within the next few days.

Both iOS and Android versions will have the new redesign and the app will follow Google’s new Material Design philosophy – Google’s new guidelines for creating a consistent visual and interactive feel for users across all platforms and devices. The goal with the new Google Maps app design, along with its Material Design focus, is to create a more intuitive experience for the mobile user.

In this new set of updates, users can expect to see two major changes. Restaurant reservations (via Open Table) and more accurate wait time and price estimates for Uber. Users can make reservations by opening up the info card of a restaurant from search results. Available reservation times for the restaurant will be provided within the restaurant’s profile.

Need a ride? Uber, a San Francisco-based ridesharing service that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire through a smartphone app will have the support of Google Maps. Now, when a user searches for walking or public transit routes in Google Maps, the app will also display Uber price estimates and wait time if users have the Uber app installed.

With these additional new features, Google is looking to make Maps, as well as its other products, more helpful and easier to use for users. The new features eliminate the extra step of opening an additional app or web page in order to book a table. With this new update, it also looks like the Google and Uber partnership is getting even cozier; the Uber integration into Google maps gives the service a big advantage over other private transit services, including your standard yellow taxis.

Do you have a presence on Google yet? It may be time to do so now that Google is making it friendlier for users. Take a look at our handy guide for setting up Google My Business for your business or organization.