Last week Google stated that they will begin blocking mixed content on its Google Chrome browser. The update – known as Chrome 79 – is set to take place in December 2019.

This is a big deal considering Google Chrome is largely the most popular web browser in existence today.

So what exactly is “mixed content?” Mixed content is a resource that includes both secure (HTTPS) and insecure (HTTP) protocol. A web page itself may be secure, but other linked content on that web page including images, styles and scripts may be insecure.

Google Chrome is making this move to protect the safety and security of those who visit your pool and spa company website.

What’s Going to Happen to Pool Websites with Mixed Content

If your pool company website currently has mixed content, it will continue to load properly through Google Chrome until the December update. When the update goes live, two things will happen:

a. Google will automatically upgrade the HTTP content on your website to HTTPS (if the resource exists on HTTPS)

b. Google will give Google Chrome users who are visiting a “mixed content” website the opportunity to unblock the website after being warned that it is insecure

While Google won’t be outright blocking mixed content websites at first (the full-on blocks will begin in January 2020), it’s likely that users won’t proceed to a website that has been marked as “insecure” by Google. This means leaving visitors with a bad experience and the block will likely result in less visitors, sales and ad views.

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