As Facebook Ads continue to grow in popularity, so do their advertising offerings. Earlier this week the social network announced that two new types of mobile Facebook Ads are going to be available to pool companies: Facebook video poll ads and augmented reality (AR) ads.

It was also announced that playable ads would be expanding.

As Facebook stated, these new ad formats are being introduced to increase engagement and to encourage brands and their audiences to become more “intertwined.” The network believes that with fewer words and through greater innovation (such as Facebook Live videos, GIFs, stickers and emojis), companies will be able to move away from one-way dialogues and will be able to enter into more meaningful discussions with their followers.

Facebook Video Poll Ads Inspired by Instagram

The success of poll stickers for Instagram Stories ads led to its parent company Facebook looking into how they can bring the same type of feature to their network. They are now introducing Facebook video poll ads to mobile feeds and expect this type of ad format to both increase brand awareness and drive conversions.

Through Facebook video poll ads, pool companies have the opportunity to ask their audience questions which can help you determine where to steer future marketing campaigns, product development, and more. You can ask questions about favorite water features, pool designs and outdoor living options, all of which will give you greater insight and understanding into what your customers want from you.

Beta AR Ads Available Later This Year

Recently Facebook allowed a select few companies to test out AR ads. According to their research, this innovative form of advertising (such as animations and face filters) has proven to be successful. One company, WeMakeUp, found that their AR test group ads had a click-through rate that was 53 percent higher and resulted in 38 percent more purchases than their non-AR advertisements.

Playable Ads Go Global

Facebook also announced that playable ads will also be available worldwide. By giving audiences the opportunity to test out games before downloading them, the network has found that there has been an increase in downloads and dialogue between companies and users.

Getting started with Facebook ads can seem overwhelming. With new formats like Facebook video poll ads and AR joining old proven favorites like domain ads and video ads, it can be difficult to know where your focus should be.

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