Ads are a very big deal, especially for small businesses. Consumers are often overwhelmed 

with information and choices. While you may not be able to reach everyone, you should reach the people that count. Facebook and Google Ad Targeting can help you find likely customers and spend your ad budget more efficiently.

Reaching a specific target audience:

  • Saves you money
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Ensures that your products and services are visible to people who have a greater chance of buying.

Target advertising narrows your focus to people who are likely to purchase your products. This helps you avoid wasteful spending and get the most out of your ad budget. 

Creating an ad strategy is vital and can make all the difference between a successful ad and a failed one.

Targeted ads are gaining popularity, especially with smaller businesses that can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on advertising.

Platforms You Can Use for Targeted Ads

  • Facebook 
  • Google 
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 
  • Reddit 
  • Snapchat

The reach of your ad doesn’t always equate to conversions. You’ll want to mostly prioritize conversions instead of reach since conversions give you more sales opportunities. 

Facebook and Google stand out in target advertising with minimal effort; they are the industry’s two big shots. 

How to Get Started with Facebook and Google Ad Targeting

No matter the platform you choose to use, it is essential to follow a process like this:

1. Choose your platform

This can be Google, Facebook, or any other digital advertising platform.

2. Choose the size and caliber of your audience.

Facebook offers three audience selection tools – Core, Custom, and Lookalike audiences. 

Core audiences involve a larger number of people and are lumped based on demographics and shared interests. 

Custom audiences are oldies but goldies. There is a previous history of interaction with your business. You can choose this to reconnect with your past customers. 

Lookalike audiences target users that share similar interests to your customers based on their online data, 

3. Tailor your ad’s details to your customer base and try to create ads that will resonate with your target audience. 

Carefully consider the size, location of your business, and well-established consumer behavioral patterns. 

For example, if working with a custom audience, look at your records, analytics and customer leads visits to your app/website. Of course, this is assuming your product qualifies for a second buy. 

Using Facebook:

  • Log in to the business manager
  • Choose the type of ad 
  • Choose an audience 
  • Target the chosen audience.

Using Google

Google uses display ads and video ads.

  • Access the Google Ad dashboard.  
  • Choose your ad
  • Choose your audience
  • Name/define audience criteria
  • Upload your area of interest.
  • Work with the feedback received. 
  • Choose your demographic targets.

Strategies for Successful Target Advertising

1. Study consumer behavior

Having the right kind of information is essential for the success of target ads and business in general.   

2. Share in the joy of life events

To sell pools and hot tubs, target homeowners with children at the right income level to afford your products. 

3. A great product sells itself

Trust in your product’s ability to attract customers and show off your best options.

4. Put your eggs in many different baskets

If something doesn’t work, try an alternative. Explore the various pathways that lead to your target. 

Try different strategies and see how they work for specific targets. Testing a few approaches can be a great way to find what works the best for your business.

If you need help creating and managing your targeted ads, contact us today!

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