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With over 200 million monthly users in the United States alone, Facebook has emerged as a necessary pillar to integrate with your digital marketing. It’s unsurpassed targeting features allow you to introduce your brand to the right people, and it’s remarketing capabilities allow you to stay top of mind through the conversion funnel.

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Choose Your Objective

Optimize for the Specific Kinds of Results You Want with Facebook

Brand <br>Awareness


This high-funnel objective used to be known as “Reach & Frequency” in the traditional media days. It optimizes for views with an optional frequency cap to help you gain a foothold in your customer’s world.

Clicks To <br>Website

Clicks To

This mid-funnel objective optimizes for clicks, allowing you to drive traffic, build re-targeting audiences, and gather metrics on how customers engage with
your site.

Retargeting <br>for Conversions

for Conversions

This low-funnel objective, best used with re-targeting, optimizes for conversions to help align your call to action with qualified leads.

Local <br>Awareness


Got a big sale happening at your store? Want more visitors to your booth at a trade show? Local awareness ads optimize for driving foot traffic by targeting a radius from as large as 50 miles to as tight as 1 square mile from your location.

Learn More About the Different Types of
Facebook Ads and How They Can Help You

Not all Facebook ads are created equal.
Finding the right content to strike the intended chord with your target audience is an integral component to success.

Video Video


With 100 million hours of video viewed on Facebook every day, there is infinite potential to reach your audience with video.

Carousel Carousel


Incorporating 2 to 10 square-shaped cards allows users to scroll left-to-right through multiple products shots, images, or videos. Each card can link to a different landing page, and you can choose to keep the cards in sequence or allow Facebook to serve the most clicked images first.

Single Image Single Image

Single Image

Single images remain the gold standard of Facebook advertisers. A powerful image, when paired with a thoughtful message, can still drive plenty of traffic at an optimum cost-per-click.

Lead Generation Form Lead Generation Form

Lead Generation Form

When this single image or video ad unit is clicked, a lead generation form auto-populates with the user’s information, allowing for quick-and-easy lead capture before they are directed to your landing page.

Canvas Canvas


When this single image or video unit is clicked, it overtakes the mobile user’s phone or tablet screen, immersing them into a multi-media experience that can include images, video, carousel, wallpaper, and much more.

Dynamic Product Ads Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

The “secret weapon” of low-funnel e-commerce, this ad unit links with your online product catalog to retarget visitors with images of the unique products they’ve viewed while browsing your site. A savvy way to convert those customers with abandoned carts on your site.

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