Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Petrohab manufacturers, leases, and maintains modular Hot-Work Safety Enclosures (HSE) for the oil & gas industry. These preferred enclosures offer portable, fire-retardant habitats for workers in Hot Work related fields such as welding, cutting, grinding, chipping, abrasive blasting, brazing, and soldering. As the world leader in design of these HSEs, Petrohab is proud to offer three different products to cater to specific client needs backed by unwavering professionalism and commitment to safety, quality, and service.

For this manufacturer’s website, we build WordPress responsive web presence that is both professional and intuitive for visitors. Visitors can access the top navigation to read about the company, view products, and access video resources and blog articles. Social media links sit at the top and bottom of the website for easy access.


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Since Petrohab has three different product offerings, the website highlights these products under a high-resolution banner. Visitors can click on the image to read more about a specific product and view more images of the product in action.


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Safety is a number one priority for this company, so we wanted to share the company’s background in a custom-made business profile video along with a small about section on the homepage.

Visitors can also see the latest blog articles, view Petrohab’s list of clients, download a free brochure download, watch a video demonstration, and contact the company at the bottom of every page on the website.

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A noteworthy feature on this site is the video resources page. Hot Work Safety Enclosure can be difficult to image in context. So, to demonstrate how these enclosures work, visitors can view two custom explainer videos Small Screen Producer created for the company.

Video Resources Page:

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