Typically when you think of an architect, engineering, or construction company, usually the words professional, corporate, and square come to mind. What else might come to mind? Boring. 

Most of these types of websites are usually found to be too wordy, dull, and hard for a customer to grasp. Sure, content that mentions creative work, celebrities, or current events tends to interest a visitor way more than diagnostic systems and structural design examples, but is it really the content that’s drawing them in or is there something else at work?

The factors that determine whether or not a customer stays on your site is not completely dependent on the content provided, it very much has to do with the way the content is presented to the viewer as well. 

EDI Building Consultants approached us with wanting to add some supplemental content to their site as well as a makeover of their current web design to make it more visitor- and customer-friendly.

This is what the site looked like before: 

Client Profile: EDI Building Consultants | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

As you can see, there isn’t a lot going on here. This is a typical corporate website you’ve seen before with the basic categories: Home, Services, Contact Us, and About Us.

What the SSP Team wanted to accomplish was a complete revamp of the site and its categories, highlighting all the services that EDI does (these guys do a lot!) and add some extra appeal with high-res photo galleries, a news feed, social media links, and client testimonials.

Take a look at the new version: 

Client Profile: EDI Building Consultants | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston


The idea for this major website face-lift was to make it appealing to the visitor. By breaking down the content so that it was easier to digest and incorporating modern components that would with the visitor in mind (such as a news portal and social media links), the website doesn’t just tell customers why they should want to work with EDI in points A, B, C, and D, it shows them as well by offering content that supports those key benefits. Often times, companies tend to be product- or company-focused and don’t acknowledge the audience at all. In order to reach a specific audience, what is a company doing to attract and appeal to them? By researching an audience’s needs, interests, and desires, both the right web design and content will begin to formulate.

EDI’s sleek structural design, to-the-point content, and engaging add-ins make the website easier to soak in, grasp, interest, and influence.

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