As 2018 came to a close, the design platform Pantone (known for their authority in all things color) announced that the color of 2019 was “Living Coral.” This caused outrage from the public because of the fact that climate change is causing coral to die at an expedited rate. Rather than suffer a major hit to their brand reputation, however, the company was able to make up for their oversight with an educational on-brand climate change campaign.

Pantone Protects Brand Reputation with “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” Campaign

Pantone could have ignored the complaints or issued an apology. Instead the company created the “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” awareness campaign to address the “vibrant but alarming” changes in coral’s color due to climate change.

Partnering up with The Ocean Agency and Adobe, Pantone was able to identify the three colors which displayed how coral’s colors were changing due to the warming of ocean water: “Glowing Purple,” “Glowing Yellow” and “Glowing Blue.” Many experts have gone so far as to say that Pantone’s campaign has effectively created the colors which we will all eventually associate with climate change.

Pantone’s approach is a great example of protecting a brand’s reputation. Not only did the company demonstrate that they acknowledged their oversight. The direction the company took to educate the staff and the public was incredibly relevant to their brand.

Reputation Management is More Than Apologies

We’ve all heard the expression that the “customer is always right”. When a company does something perceived as wrong or incorrect, the knee-jerk reaction tends to be to issue an apology.

While this can be an appropriate response in many situations, it can also feel shallow and do little to fix the issue. Demonstrating that your company understands the issue and is actively working to amend it, however, can not only protect your brand reputation – it can even improve it.

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