Retail touchpoints are valuable opportunities to make a great brand impression on your customers.  Traditionally, retailers have used physical stores, events, print materials, advertisements, and branded e-commerce websites to connect with customers.  But today’s technology driven world gives retailers a wealth of new ways to impart their brand messages and drive sales.  Social media, viral campaigns, and mobile applications have become popular and profitable means to enhance customer relationships and capture new and repeat business.  Engaging customers with creative technology-enabled touchpoints has become the go-to strategy for businesses looking to make a big splash.

One retailer that has effectively harnessed the power of digital technology is the UK department store chain Debenhams.  The retailer operates over 160 stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, in addition to its more than 60 international locations.  Its products include clothing for women, men, and children, as well as beauty, health, and home items.

Debenhams launched its (free download) mobile shopping applications to target the company’s fast-moving, time-lacking shoppers, and achieved astounding results.  The UK retailer began with an IPhone application that launched in October of 2010, followed by apps for Android and Nokia users less than a year later.  The Debenhams iPhone app achieved great success, with 360,000 downloads and sales of close to £1 million in the first 5 months!  Sales on the retailer’s website,, also increased an impressive 82.4% in the 6 months following the launch.

A favorite feature among customers for both the Android and iPhone apps is the barcode scanner.  The scanner helps customers along their shopping journeys, offering up prices and reviews when customers take a picture of the barcode of various products.  Customers using the iPhone app used the feature over 90,000 times in the first 5 months of launch alone.

Especially observant shoppers also use the scanner to take advantage of exclusive products and offers by spotting visual QR codes in advertising and store windows.

Less than a year into its launch, Debenhams iPhone app had hosted 2.4 million shopping sessions with 110,000 individuals accessing the application over five times, according to the Head of Digital Development for Debenhams.

This success prompted the retailer to launch additional applications for Android and Nokia users to bring mobile shopping opportunities to thousands more users and its international customers.

The time-saving application prevents getting lost, hefting heavy bags from store to home, and difficulties finding size and color matches.  Scrolling through long product categories is also a thing of the past.  The apps allow customers to sort items by category, brand, size, color and price.  Shoppers can also choose to shop for sale times exclusively.

The apps also include a Wish List feature that lets individuals compile a list to email to family and friends for gift ideas.  Products can be selected via the app or scanned in stores.  A Store Finder feature helps users locate the nearest Debenhams location, as well as information on hours of operation, contact numbers, and floor guides.

In conclusion, retail touchpoints present valuable opportunities to engage with your customer base.  The Debenhams app provides great information and accessibility to customers, creating strong ties between the brand and its customers and boosting sales.  Technology-enabled touchpoint campaign are an attractive option for companies and customers alike.

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