In order to create effective mobile and tablet sales tools, you need to understand what your customers want and develop a strategy to give it to them on the device of their preference.

Mobile Is On the Rise

You may have heard before that mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2015. Mobile doesn’t just mean smart phones though. Tablets like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy are included when calculating mobile usage trends.

Mobile Is Different

A mobile site should not be your full website on a smaller scale. With mobile and tablet devices, your real estate is decreased significantly.

People on mobile devices are in a different mind frame – whether they’re looking for an immediate purchase, perusing while waiting in line or using as a second screen while watching TV.

Another thing to note is typically mobile has a slower connection than a desktop computer.

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What Your Customers Want:

  • 78% of people want to find what they’re looking for in 1-2 clicks
  • 61% of people want a click to call function/54% of people want to send an email
  • 41% of people want to play a video clip
  • 48% of people want easy access to a company’s social media accounts
  • 74% of people want the design to be clean and efficient
  • 74% of people want an option to go to the full site

*Stats from the latest Google Survey

How To Deliver

Responsive web design is a great strategy for tablet usage, and can sometimes transfer over to mobile devices as long as the content on your site is not cumbersome. However, if you have a larger website with several photos, a dedicated mobile site and dedicated tablet site can create a more user-friendly experience, which leads to higher traffic, lower bounce rates, and higher lead conversion rates.

Mobile and tablet design should follow one principle rule: Keep. It. Simple.

Remember how people want to find information on your site in 1-2 clicks? Your navigation menu should be simple and large enough to read on a small screen. If you see in your Google Analytics that your photos, contact and FAQ are the highest traffic pages of your site, those should be on your mobile site. Make it easy to get in touch.

Bottom line, your mobile and tablet sites should have a strategy behind them based on your customer behavior. Without a strategy, you are not taking user experience into consideration, and you are hurting your lead conversion rate.

See how we’ve helped some of our pool and spa industry clients:

Small Screen Producer Mobile and Tablet Site Examples

Redman Iphone

delgard ipad


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