Twitter gives an early holiday e-commerce present this year to brands wanting to spread some holiday cheer on the social site. It has rolled out a new feature that will allow brands to tweet deals, which users can claim online and redeem in stores.

It’s called Twitter Offers. According to AdWeek, it’s Twitter’s second step towards e-commerce, after its release of the “buy button” this past summer.

Reports state that Twitter is currently working with major brands, retailers, chains, and small shops to tweet messages with the new offer feature, promoting deals similar to what a customer would find on a site like Groupon. The example below featured in the official Twitter blog post, shows a $2 cash back off a purchase of $5 or more from the Barista Bar in San Francisco.


Some benefits Twitter is suggesting about Twitter Offers are:

  • Advertisers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their Twitter campaigns, allowing them to effectively measure ROI, whether that promotion is redeemed online or offline
  • Minimal set up, no software to download, no employee training required
  • Merchants have the ability to access Twitter’s targeting capabilities to tailor promotions and campaigns to the right audience

How Twitter Offers Works

Users are able to claim and store any offers, including cash back rewards, to their debit/or credit card on Twitter, which will be “encrypted and safely stored to make it easier to claim other offers”. With security in mind, Twitter allows users to remove this credit card information at anytime. Once claimed, users may claim the offer in store by using that same bank/credit card.

Twitter plans on working “with a handful of brands to begin testing this new feature during the holiday in the U.S.”. Upon gathering more feedback from advertisers and users, Twitter will make it available to more advertisers later on.