Has your Facebook Page been suffering from low organic reach lately? You’re not alone. Over the last several months, many Pages on Facebook have seen a dip in reach numbers with every Facebook News Feed algorithm change. This, of course, doesn’t make us marketers happy campers, especially those small business owners who depend on social media as a cost-effective way to reach customers and promote their brand.

So what’s the solution? As far as we know, Facebook will continue to fight off spammy posts to keep their user base and make money with Facebook ads. So how does a business fight back? With a revamped Facebook marketing strategy, here’s some useful tips we recommend:

How to Bounce Back From Facebook's Reach Decline (INFOGRAPHIC) | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

Always Do Your Best

According to this infographic by Offerpop, Facebook organic reach has dipped down to a measly 2%. To get the most reach possible, marketers must optimize posts and post the best quality content at the best times. This can be figured by:

  • Testing what types of content work for your brand (status updates, images, video, free downloads)
  • Using Google Analytics to help find the most active times your target audience is clicking over to your website
  • Drill down the best time of day your users are likely to click, comment, and like a post


Get by with a Little Help From Your Fans

Word-of-mouth is the single most important thing to remember when finding what works on social media, especially on Facebook. A business can increase their reach on Facebook by reaching out to those who already love your brand. And these customers already “like” your brand. To incentivize them, hold a contest or promotion just for them and partner with influencers and celebrities to rack up endorsements. This is a powerful way to build credibility and reach for your brand while also showing your appreciation for current customers.


Reach Past Facebook

Facebook may be the biggest social network, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t confine your efforts to just this site. A multi-network strategy will help you reach more people. Discover the social sites that make the most sense for your business and industry and spread your wings! You can get an extra boost in visibility and participation by including related hashtags or create your own. Hashtags will now work on most social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.


Take Advantage of Big Data

Another tip we recommend is using big data to your advantage. By utilizing a online marketing software such as Hubspot or Sharpspring, it’s super easy to keep track of what’s working for you on Facebook and what’s not with real-time data. Additionally, a marketing software collects and helps you keep track of customer data such as email and click-through behavior for retargeting to those customers later on.

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