Instagram is the super fun, quirky, prized branding tool for bloggers, celebrities, and companies all around the world to engage and captivate today’s on-the-go audience. However, not many brands have really thought about building their presence on this social media site, even though it’s attracted more than 150 million users. Before you start snapping photos and adding fancy filters, here are some best practices for brands to succeed on Instagram.

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The Basics:

Main Purpose: This image-based social network allows users and brands to upload mobile photos, add eye-catching filters and captions, and share them to a network of followers who can “like” or comment.

Instagram is great for brands to:

  • Connect to a Target Audience
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Present More Visual Content Marketing
  • Collect High Visibility for Posts
  • Increase Website Referral Traffic
  • Have Fun and Show Brand Transparency


Getting Started on Instagram 

1. Set it Up Right

Create an account and choose a username that best represents your brand. Be sure to include your logo profile photo, short descriptive biography, and link to your website. These are the basic essentials to help followers find you and recognize you.

2. Connect to Facebook

What has made Instagram successful for brands is the fact that they’re owned by the biggest social site of them all, Facebook. In the last year, Facebook has made some updates to their own site to display Instagram images extremely well. To take advantage of this, make sure you connect your Instagram account to Facebook (and any other social sharing sites), which will allow you to auto share your posts every time you post and help your Facebook followers find you on Instagram.

3. Find and Incorporate Hashtags

Connect to your audience by using relevant hashtags in your posts. Be specific when including your own hashtags. Instead of #truck, put #fordtruck; This helps your photos stand out and connect to target audiences that are most interested in your products and services. Additionally, you can find popular tags by observing what other users are including in their photo captions.

4. Bring Out the Creativity

The most highly shared photos on this social site are the ones that are interesting, vibrant, and eye-cathing. Test the filters and see which ones work best with your brand. Photos should reaffirm the feeling and lifestyle of your brand, but not necessarily contain a logo every single time. Treat Instagram like your brand’s own personal magazine.

5. Show Your True Colors

Last, but not least, have fun! Instagram is the perfect place for users and brands to be themselves. Followers on this site already expect posts made by AmEx to be totally different from Oreo. When posting photos, feel free include interesting captions that offer personal insight or stories about your brand. Follow other users and comment on other images. Just like any other social network, Instagram is a great opportunity to have fun and share your human side.


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