Remember the falling out of Apple Maps in 2012? Well, it looks like Apple is taking big steps to make it better. In an effort to improve Apple Maps, Apple announced on Tuesday that it launched a new local business listings portal called “Maps Connect” that allows local businesses to add or edit information about their business directly into the Maps services. This new feature is particularly aimed at small business owners and their authorized representatives to either create a new listing or edit existing business details. Search Engine Land reports that through the set up process, businesses with an Apple ID to get started with editing the information right away. The service is free and the changes appear on Apple Maps on PC and mobile. Users who do not have an Apple ID will just have to create one. Take a look at some of the screenshots showing the sign up process: 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 Credit: Search Engine Land As you can see, verification of listings is in real time. Owners can beef up their profiles by adding links to their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp accounts. Owners may even sign up for Apple’s iBeacon (an indoor tracking technology) installation, although Apple is only making it available to a million businesses every year and ones that offer wi-fi throughout their stores. Once the listing information is filled out, users receive an automated call that provides a code. Once the code is entered into the Maps Connect site, the listing is published. Updates or new listings will show up within one week or less depending on the edits or whether or not the listing was flagged which would require additional verification. Right now, only business owners and their immediate, in-house representatives will be able to use Maps Connect. The feature is very difficult for agencies to use for multiple clients, but could be available in the near future.