It’s perfectly okay to admit that, for whatever reason, the industry category your business happens to fall in isn’t the most exciting. In fact, it might even be a little bit boring. It’s okay. Out of all of the companies that make up a single industry, most of them like to go “by the book” when it comes to their content marketing strategy, writing content that might be super informational and helpful, but no one would ever know because it’s so. boring. to. read.

5 Exciting Content Marketing Tips for a "Boring" Industry | Small Screen Producer Digital and Inbound Marketing Agency Houston

And when it comes to those businesses who want to push the envelope a little (I’m talking about you, you wonderful person!), it can be rather difficult developing ways to engage users with industry-related content that won’t make readers fall asleep. The ideas can often and easily come to a standstill from a huge piece of writer’s block in the middle of the road to marketing success.

It doesn’t mean you should give up! Online users are looking to be informed, entertained, and for something that is deserving of a second, third, or even a fourth glance. However, we have a few tricks that we’ve discovered along the way as a marketing agency that will help inspire your creativity and get you going down the “success” road.

Seek to Be Helpful (Genuinely Helpful)

As a consumer yourself, you’ve probably noticed that content found on a website that goes on and on and on about the company, product, service is the hardest to take in. Usually, the most interesting, engaging content is helpful information that helps a specific audience solve a specific problem. Consider looking at past FAQs of your customers or clients and provide content that helps solve problems, answer questions, and tend to different pinpoints they may have. You’d be surprised that even the most common questions, such as “how often should I check my tire pressure?” gets loads of visits.

BONUS: Google came out yesterday with a new feature called, “Helpouts,” which allows you to connect and chat with users online in real-time to solve problems and answer questions. It’s brand new with only a few partners so far (Weight Watchers, Sephora, and One Medical), but it could be a way of the future soon. In the meantime, try out webinars, how-to eBook guides, and helpful YouTube videos.

Relate to the Reader

Remember when your elementary school teacher explained an important complex concept using puppets and pictures? That was a different way to learn, but it was interesting and easy to understand. It’s still the same way well into adulthood. For example, instead of going on and on about a box, its size, color, angles, material, I could tell a story about a dog that survived a huge explosion, escaped from a downfall or rubble and rain, and sled down a huge slope with Bill Cosby all the way back to its owner using nothing but a box.

Usually, discovering your buyer persona (the ideal customer for your business) helps you find ways to relate to your audience. And if something interesting is blowing up in the news, feel free to ride the popularity wave and relate it back to your company or industry. Viral videos, memes, newstories go hand-in-hand with making content more relatable to an online audience.

Be Visually Appealing 

What makes a how-to video or an infographic so appealing is that it’s fast, informative, visually stimulating, and makes a huge, lasting impression. And for those who need to meticulously explain something, video marketing can be a way better solution than whole pages full of copy. If you can, try positioning the content in a way that’s visual to get the most engagement. Or, consider these small format changes to your text:

  • Break up text into smaller, more digestible chunks.
  • Use bold h1 or h2 headers so readers can skim and read parts they’re interested in reading.
  • Take advantage of bullets and numbers. These help make content less scary and overwhelming to read.

Write Like You Talk 

Believe or not, you can still establish professionalism and expertise in your industry without sounding like a robot spitting out foreign terms.

Imagine that you’re actually talking to your audience in a conversation and write naturally and straightforward. Instead of saying something like,

“A marketing firm that aspires to deliver consolidated online solutions for SMBs in all industries and verticals,” try out something like,

“A digital marketing agency from Houston, Texas that focuses on integrated brand and web presence strategies and serves all industries.” See the difference?

When in Doubt, Just Be Human 

The main takeaway we’d like to leave you with is to just be yourself. The most powerful brands find themselves embracing the industry they’re in, being aware of what’s going on, and bringing a little piece of themselves to that table that differentiates them from their competition. Creating content that’s most relatable to your audience starts with being most relatable to you. With all the broken record jabber on the web today, consumers are beginning to ignore the content that doesn’t offer them much incentive or a solution. Consider these tips and ideas the next time you’re in a content marketing funk and you’ll be sure to stand out.

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