We love video marketing! Not only because it is one of the most effective ways to create a dynamic marketing campaign, but video marketing helps build a stronger web presence and create the viral following your business deserves.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 website visitors who watch an online video view the advertisement in full, 26% looked for further information on the business and 15% visited the business (source)?

There are many styles of video production to add to your online profile. At Small Screen Producer we can build and create for you:

  • How-to videos
  • Profile videos
  • Video Marketing Testimonials
  • Video interviews
  • Product/service highlight videos

Each style has their own benefits and characteristics that build brand awareness, encourage engagement and educate customers about the products and services of your business. Today, we’d like to discuss the top 5 benefits of Video Marketing Testimonials


For many customers online, they feel disconnected from a business because of the trust establishment they receive from an in-store visit verse a website visit. That’s where a testimonial can come in handy! A video testimonial will put a face with your business and give your brand a personality. Humanizing your brand with a video testimonial is simple and makes your business more relatable with customers.


Video testimonials are great at explaining your business’ mission and goals with customers. This will help end all confusion that your business might be having with customers, especially if it is the first time they are visiting your website profile. Become an expert in your industry with a video testimonial that boosts credibility.

Benefits and Features

Explaining the benefits and features of your products and services directly in a video testimonial can give your business the upper hand with competition. Customers respect and believe in a product or service better when they hear it right from the business and its customers. In a testimonial video you can go into much more detail and explanation about your benefits and features than just plain text on a website.


Your video testimonial can help make your business shine in the video world with an interesting and new sales pitch. Hold your customer’s attention by letting them listen to your sales pitch, rather than making them read from your websites. Testimonials are a new way to pitch to customers who have never heard of your business or for customers who are revisiting your business. Dust off those sales pitch tactics and show them off with a video testimonial.


Videos, in general, are amazing at boosting your SEO and online web presence. Enhance it even further by posting your video testimonials through your social media accounts and blog to discover a new, wider audience. Testimonials will also help your exposure in your specific industry. Establish a following and gather the customer loyalty you deserve.

Here are 3 video testimonials that we have created for our excellent clients to give you a better understanding of how great testimonials can be:

Bloomington Gold Attendee Testimonial

The Pool Man – Pool Builder Customer Testimonial


Studio RED Architects – Air Force Villiage Chapel

For more video marketing tips and insight, check out our free ebook, “Go Big on the Small Screen: Learn How to Use Online Video to Crush the Competition”. 


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