Social media, as every business or organization knows, requires time, effort, and consistency. On top of that, social media is the most dynamic, flexible, and constantly changing component of any business’s digital media marketing strategy and it requires companies to be the same way. Every now and again, social media strategies need reawakening.

So we set a list of quick guidelines to refresh your social media marketing strategies just in time for spring. Take a look:

Social Media Audit

One of the best ways to refresh a social media strategy is to take set up a social media audit. Create a list of social media platforms you’re currently active on (include the name, URL, and login credentials). Visit each one and see what needs to be revised or changed out. Take a look at:

  • Descriptions/Service Information
  • Contact Info
  • About Info
  • Profile and Cover Photos
  • Logos
  • Videos

Making sure all information is correct and consistent on all social media properties makes it easier for the entire web to find you. And it keeps you polished and professional. Look carefully contact information (especially at phone numbers and addresses) to make sure they all have the same abbreviations and formats.

Additionally, you’ll want to check your social media plugins and applications. Are social media components working properly on your website? Is the plugin pulling updates made from your Twitter or Facebook account properly? This may take some testing to see how posts are being displayed, which makes a huge difference when it comes ot customer engagement.


Social Cleansing

The whole point of social media is to have closer, richer relationships with customers, right? So every now and then, some social cleansing is in order. Take the time to declutter your social accounts by unfollowing accounts and disconnecting from accounts that don’t provide any value anymore. This clears up the room and keeps you focused on content and conversation that’s important to you. For those accounts that still do provide value for your company, you’ll want to make sure you reach out and start a conversation.

Open Up Conversation

Just like you wouldn’t approach someone in person and immediately talking about yourself and your products and services. It’s important to begin the “small talk” on you social platforms to new and existing users. Jump in and contribute to topics of interest or play a helpful role by providing your insights and expertise. This gets the conversation going and opens up your social circle for reaching new contacts and customers.

  • Ask for comments and suggestions from users about your content marketing. What’s working and what’s not?
  • The same goes for customer reviews. Social media platforms perfect avenues to ask for endorsements and testimonials.
  • Start a conversation about an interesting topic related to your business. Try out different times in the day to see what works best with your new audience.
  • Include hashtags on everything for better visibility and to reach new audiences (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest all incorporate hashtags now!)

Fresh Content

Social media is a tool that gives you the means to closely connect with your audience on the web. What often begins the conversation or the discussion is the content. Content marketing is highly beneficial for every aspect of your digital media marketing, but it’s the heart of any social media marketing initiative. The most challenging thing for avid social media marketers to do is come up with interesting content to post on these platforms. Although it’s nice (and easier) to post content that’s always worked in the past, it can get stale quickly. Ways companies can create fresh content is by:

  • Being transparent: are there any recent successes, passions, and expertise that you’d like to share about your company? Introducing your company culture is a great way to connect to your audience.
  • Adding images to posts makes them automatically priceless and eye-catching, especially on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • Repurposing blog posts and presentations into videos can substantially take your content marketing to a new level. Video marketing allows you to inform and entertain audiences at the same time.

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