At Pool Marketing Site, we often share social media tips with owners and managers of pool and spa companies who aren’t exactly sure how to use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to their advantage. They are often unclear on what it takes to create a presence that drives sales, or they simply have no idea what their online audience is looking for.

Social media can generate thousands of dollars in sales if properly executed. The first place to start is to build a strategy. This means creating an outline and then building offers and promotions into that outline to amp up sales. You may offer:

  • A certain amount of money off of the sale of a new hot tub
  • 3 months of free maintenance on a custom inground pool build
  • A free pool heater in September with the purchase of a new pool

The key here is to create offers that your audience will like – not ones which you think they like.

Here are some top social media tips for pool and spa companies to start utilizing in order to make the most of your online presence.

1.  Choose the Right Platform(s)

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be on every social network in order to make a big splash online. There are networks like Twitter and LinkedIn which, depending on your goals, can be worth your while. At Pool Marketing Site, however, we’ve found that two of the most effective for our clients are Facebook and Instagram (okay, maybe three if we want to include YouTube!).

We like Facebook simply because of the sheer number of users on the network. Nowhere else can you find an audience nearly the population size of our planet all hanging out in one single place. It also has a load of advertising opportunities including Facebook Ads, Messenger, and creating your own company page.

Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) is an up-and-coming network that is gaining a lot of traction. It’s a natural choice for pool and spa companies because of how heavily it relies on dazzling visual content, something of which you can easily produce.

2. Give More Encouragement

No one likes a pushy salesperson. But because of this a lot of companies are now shying away from telling audiences what they want them to do.

Enter: the call-to-action.

Whether at the end of a post, incorporated into a GIF or a detail in a graphic, it’s your job to compel audiences viewing your content to take action. You can gently suggest that they click a link to enter a contest for free product, to download a free eBook on designing a dream backyard pool, or contacting you for a free in-person quote.

3. Create More Video Content

This one is on the lists of many pool and spa companies we work with. Facebook and Instagram make it incredibly easy to share video content, and it is the most well-received type of content across social media to date.

The type of video content you post may depend on the social network you’re posting to. For example, because Instagram is so visual, it’s the perfect platform for showcasing your gorgeous poolscapes, water features, fire features, and outdoor kitchens.

That same video content will also do well on Facebook. But you can branch out a bit more here and create video content that tells the story behind your brand, your mission, your products and client testimonials.

For more tips, ideas and help with your social media strategy, we welcome you to reach out to Pool Marketing Site today at (281) 569-4370!