The new year is almost here, making now the perfect time for pool company owners and advertisers to re-evaluate their digital marketing plans. Today Pool Marketing Site is sharing the top digital marketing trends we expect to see emerge in 2020 to serve as consideration and inspiration for your upcoming pool marketing campaigns:

1. Creating Content Focused on User Intent

In the past, keywords and backlinks were main drivers behind being found on the search engines. While these features will still be important, user intent will be more important than ever for pool companies.

User intent refers to what your audience wants from your pool company. This means focusing on the challenges your potential customers face or what they need from you. Using this strategy will both attract and impress your audiences.

2. Having Top Quality Relevant Content

Content will continue to be a major driver behind the success of your online and offline pool company. Having high quality content will build your pool website’s authority, boost the demand for your online content and bump up your website’s position in the search engines.

Not just any content will do. It should be related to the pool and spa industry. But don’t be afraid to drill down into topics or branch out about with your topics to capture more potential customers.

3. The User Experience Trumps All

Last but not least on our list of digital marketing trends is the user experience (UX). Great content like quality and engaging blog posts and videos aren’t the only contributing factors to a web visitors’ UX. Look at other areas such as:

  • A user’s initial interaction with your website from the search engine results pages
  • The load speed of your web pages
  • The ease of navigation throughout your website
  • The incorporation of drip campaigns
  • Personalizing the website for return visitors

Create an online experience that is set on providing users with the most value while on your site. This will leave them with the best impression of your website and increase the level of trust they will have in your pool company.

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