Earlier this year, Instagram confirmed that it was working on a way to promote advertising and brand activity on its platform, including analytics tools and a way to purchase Instagram ads via mobile device. In terms of executing a sound advertising strategy, it looks like Instagram’s taking a few cues from its parent company, Facebook.  Read More

Happy National Small Business Week! As every small business owner knows, getting and keeping customers is vital for the growth of their business. And email marketing still remains one of the top forms of digital media for reaching customers and maintaining customer relationships. While many digital marketers were quick to announce that email was dead, email has  Read More

A new algorithm will soon change the way users see content on Instagram feeds. Following the footsteps of its parent company, Facebook, Instagram is testing out a new algorithm that will display posts based on past behaviors, similar to how Facebook posts content in its own news feed. If you like more posts from a particular  Read More

Facebook has established itself as a powerful social platform, and one of the most successful mobile-advertising powerhouses in the world, nearly tripling its quarterly advertising profit this year. As a result of Facebook’s continued focus on creating the best and brightest advertising product available, we’ve seen a significant drop in reach for non-ads on Facebook  Read More