Finally, Google is finally coming around! After years of testing, the search engine giant has finally replaced website URL with the site name and breadcrumb trail in the mobile search snippets. According to the official Google announcement, Google is making this change “to help mobile searchers understand your website better when they show it in  Read More

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, which currently has one of the most powerful custom audience-targeting features to date, Google is introducing a new way to target ads and its very own product in order to stay dominant in the online ad space. For many advertisers who have had experience with Facebook Ads, its targeting  Read More

Nowadays, customers expect for companies to build websites and marketing campaigns around them, providing the right information that’s quick to access. In order to stay relevant, businesses and organizations must leverage the power of personalization. And this is certainly possible with today’s technology. By creating an individualized experience for customers, businesses have the foundation to  Read More