Google has updated its quality guidelines for Google Places, allowing businesses to now add a descriptor to be listed in conjunction with their business name. Directly from the Google help files, here’s what marketers and business owners need to know: Business Name: 1. Your title should reflect your business’s real-world title Translation: No funny business  Read More

For over 20 years, Palace Pools has just about seen it all in the pool industry. They started off as a pool cleaning and pool service company and noticed the need for impeccable customer service and innovative technique, two features that were lacking with many pool companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area. With that in  Read More

Many businesses believe that blogging is just an extra feature to add to their website, not anything absolutely necessary to focus efforts on. Well, but we’re proving those businesses wrong. Attaching a blog to a website can be extremely beneficial to the success of your digital media marketing. In fact, it’s become mandatory to add  Read More

Today’s a great day for social media and content marketing. LinkedIn announced it’ll allow all LinkedIn users the opportunity to create long-form posts on his or her profile to share on LinkedIn’s huge publishing platform. Until now, this influencer-publishing feature had only been offered to editorially selected influencers and industry experts (like Bill Gates, Richard  Read More