Here’s another Facebook update that reminds you that little details are everything when it comes to posting and captivating your audiences on social networks. Facebook announced yesterday about a couple of changes it’s making to the way text status updates are seen on the site’s News Feed. According to the update, Facebook found that people  Read More

Testimonial videos present a viewer with the most powerful form of marketing directly from those who have experienced a product, brand, or service first hand. With over 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before purchasing (BusinessWeek) and reviews can boost conversion by 20% ( Testimonial videos not only present your audience with a customer  Read More

What is Local Search? Local search is any time a user searches for a local business or service within a specific geographic area. When a user searches for something that they would normally use the printed yellow pages for it’s considered a “local search” if that search is made on the Internet. Some examples of  Read More