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Small Screen Producer is dedicated to finding solutions that will help your business generate more leads, and in turn, convert them into sales and life-long customers. Our eBook solutions provides you with the tools needed to engage today’s research-oriented consumer.

An eBook is a unique marketing tool in that it doesn’t come across as an obvious one. Today’s consumer is bombarded with advertising and often times resists the hard sell when it’s so in-your-face. In fact, more than 200 million people installed ad-blocking software in 2015, opting out of advertising they would rather not see.*

However, the most successful businesses know that customers like a company that meets them halfway – a company that provides something of value in order to earn their business. And our eBooks provide those subtle marketing messages that allow potential clients to find you, rather than the other way around.

By incorporating eBooks into your content marketing toolkit, you’ll be a part of those who experience a nearly six times higher conversion rate than those who don’t adapt to today’s content marketing standards.*

Small Screen Producer is ready to establish and implement a marketing strategy custom to your company’s needs today.

*Statistics and facts provided by Content Marketing Institute.

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