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Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Boosts Web Traffic, Builds Brand Awareness and Generates New Leads

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are typically culturally and individual-centric, but businesses have an equal opportunity to share their voice through social media just as the individual users do. Businesses can build brand awareness and create the voice of the company culture through the informal atmosphere of social media, building trust with consumers while promoting targeted messaging.

As social media posts drive traffic to company web sites, search engines are placing more importance on consumer engagement on social platforms in their search algorithms every day. Social media key to a company's web presence growth and development. The ability for brands to build, connect, and nurture a genuine relationship with individuals on social media is unparalleled by any other form of marketing today. The content produced on these sites are highly viral, shareable, and provide a brand with valuable word-of-mouth opportunities.

We strategically build each social media account that's centered around your branding and marketing objectives so you can further extend your web presence. This in-turn builds your brand, strengthens your SEO, and helps you build valuable long-term relationships with your customers and followers.  

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    Social audiences expect businesses to have a presence on these popular social platforms in order to address company issues, share relevant content, and build credibility. We build a consistent presence for brands across sites such as Facebook Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest, and Instagram to help companies extend reach and brand awareness on the web. To successfully brand on social media, we create a plan that allows businesses to stand out among others, develop a social voice, and highlight the brand's unique selling propositions. 

  • SOCIAL integration


    Place the latest social platforms custom branded to fit your website and grow your reach to thousands of people. Social media website integration widgets allow users to "like," "share," and "pin" directly on website content, while allowing you to build your brand. All content produced on our websites are easily shareable, viral, and spurs word-of-mouth, granting opportunities to increase web traffic and improve search rankings. 



    Social content is content that demands to be shared. It's created in the form of  videos, infographics, and images and can be shared on any social platform to increase reach and virality. Social media isn't just about updating your status. It's about turning normal content into visual, engaging pieces that capture the spotlight, make an impression, and create a conversation on both social newsfeeds and search engines. Our team can create the social content, test the content, and repurpose the most successful pieces to include in other aspects of your marketing. 



    Last, to accompany social branding, social integration, and social content is social media marketing. Bring your social media full-circle with a strategic social media marketing plan set to consistently capture and grow the maximum amount of social media engagement on all of your social media properties. Social media marketing takes posts, videos, written content and nurtures an online relationship with users and customers to create a genuine sense of connection and credibility. By providing the right content at the right time, social marketing can help businesses gather new prospects, valuable customers, and long-term engagement.