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The Small Screen Producer Rewards Program

Small Screen Producer strongly values our relationship with every one of our clients. As a special thanks for the opportunity help you grow your business, we've started a loyalty rewards program that provides our repeat clients the opportunity to earn SSP points for additional services to enhance their digital media marketing. These reward points have no expiration date and can be collected and used to purchase SSP marketing services at no additional cost.

Marketing services that are eligible for the SSP rewards program include:

- 1 hour of text or photo edits on your website
- Custom designed social media banner
- Custom designed holiday social media banner
- Custom blog post

...more to come soon!

How Do I Earn SSP Points?

Here's how the SSP Rewards program works: Earn points by writing a review on any of the sites listed below. With each new review, you earn new points. As you collect more and more points, you move up to new reward levels and bigger benefits.



Google Review = 100 points

Yelp = 25 points

Facebook = 25 points

Yellow Pages = 25 points

Bing = 25 points

Local = 25 points

CitySearch = 25 points

YouTube = 25 points

How Do I Redeem SSP Points?

1. Send an email with a link to each of the reviews you completed to your Account Executive. If you are not currently working with an Account Executive, feel free to send your reviews to

2. Include in the same email which service(s) you would like to use your SSP points for.

3. Our team will complete your requested services at no additional cost to you.