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Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising

Draw Potential Customers Through Targeted Search Engine and Social Media Ad Campaigns

Our websites are already optimized to be indexed favorably by search engines thanks to the proper utilization of on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Some market segments, however, can be saturated, and it may be difficult for some businesses to display on Page 1. Paid ad placement or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines like Google and Bing help brands benefit from immediate, top-tier search engine visibility. By utilizing targeted ad placement in search engines, a company easily guides potential customers to their website while increasing brand promotion in the process.

Ad campaigns on search engine pages, search engine advertising networks and on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube can be completely customized and are some of the most flexible and intuitive forms of digital advertising available today. Campaigns are budget-based and can be created for individual franchise locations, for seasonal promotions, for brand promotion and award recognition and distributed to highly specific target market demographics. Our pay-per-click ad campaigns are monitored by trained PPC experts and adjusted for maximum benefit to our clients.

Avenues for Paid Search Advertising



    Search Network ad placement is the most common form of PPC advertising. The Search Networks of Google, Bing and Yahoo connect advertisers to people actively searching for their products. Audience members are not caught off-guard when presented with a Search Network ad because the ads are targeted to match their inputed search keyword phrases. Paid search network ads also allow companies to list additional links, phone numbers and addresses, helping to drive more leads.



    Ads placed on a display network do not appear on traditional search engine pages, but display across a variety of news sites, blogs, web-based e-mail programs and even YouTube. Display network ads must be enticing enough to capture the attention of a passive audience. Users are browsing other sites and are not actively searching for products or services at the time of the ad's display. These ads can include images, gifs and videos.



    Do you ever see ads for products you're wanting to buy featured on unrelated sites? When users view ads on a display network, they may see an ad for a product they searched for earlier through a retargeting ad campaign. These campaigns are recommended for the advertisement of products or services that consumers typically take more time to purchase, like a luxury car, household item or vacation package.  Through retargeting ads, a business can display ads on a display network to users who have visited their site in the past.



    The most popular social networks currently offering paid placement for businesses and campaigns include: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Social ads are commended for their effective targeting capabilities; Companies can target audiences based on their social and purchasing behaviors, location, age, language and cultural preferences. Social ads are also important for mobile users and can feature images.