Business Profile Videos, Testimonial Videos & More

Small Screen Producer can build any type of video for your business; Business Profile, Testimonial, Content Expert, Virtual Tour, Project and Promo. Your live video production includes personal attention through pre-production services like, scripting, story boarding, video shoot coordination and the shoot itself, which can include unlimited customizations.

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What’s Included in Your Video

  • One, two, or three-camera video shoots
  • Aerial drone video/aerial footage
  • Underwater footage
  • Commercial-style jib and Steadicam shots
  • Actors or model involvement
  • Beautifully lit interviews with professional audio recording
  • Pre-production and shoot costs vary by project and client needs

Looking For a Certain Type of Video?


Business Profile Videos

A Business Profile Video gives your visitors a glimpse of who you are. These often involve an interview with the owner or CEO of your company to explain what makes your business successful and useful to your customers in the marketplace.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are driven by natural and unscripted interview with satisfied customers. People love to watch videos to learn more about a product, how to use it and to watch people share their experiences with a product and service.

Event Videos

Feature your seasonal sales, events and promotions in videos for your website and social media channels. One of your most charismatic sales associates can outline your promotion on-camera, accompanied by footage of your store and the featured product.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that introduce your business, explain a process, and demonstrate why customers need you. It’s a simplified, visual way to be informational yet engaging at the same time.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are perfect for both internal and external use. Instruct your customers about the best use of your products or help keep employees up-to-date with safety and company policies.

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Facebook Videos

Facebook videos can build brand awareness and tell your brand's story. They allow you to show a more fun or hidden side of your company. What better way to reach your consumers where they spend the most time.

Email Marketing

Using video in your email can help increase conversions, brand awareness or help educate your customers. Get your message across quickly and make an impact on viewers.

Project Spotlight

If your business specializes in projects with tangible results, a featured project video can help showcase the scale, function, use and experience of your best projects.

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