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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Attract the Most Qualified Leads to Your Business with Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

What’s a lead... and why are marketing people always talking about it? A lead is a person who has in some way, shape or form indicated interest in your company’s product or service. To encourage a more productive sales and education process, we attract and create leads through Inbound Marketing Lead Generation and provide them with information about your company through Lead Nurturing.

Small Screen Producer employs on-page and off-page Lead Generation to collect qualified leads for your business. Off-page, we use social media marketing, SEO services and pay-per-click advertising to draw potential leads to your website. On-page, we create Call-to-Actions (CTA’s), E-books and free reports to encourage visitors to provide their contact information. Once that information is collected, the lead is officially created and we move it through an automated lead nurturing program.

Lead Nurturing sometimes goes by marketing automation, drip marketing, or auto responders. Simply put, lead nurturing is a system that allows us to send an automated series of emails to an early-stage lead in order to educate them until they’re ready to buy.

Need more leads? We write, design, create and program e-books, landing pages and free downloads for our client websites that help capture and nurture valuable leads through custom Lead Generation Services. Browse our service categories below.

Steps of a Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Campaign



    Attract qualified, potential customers to your site with on-page inbound marketing programs like search engine optimization, social media marketing, web videos, free offers, paid search advertising (pay-per-click campaigns) and business directory listings. With the right keywords and content in place, you'll make a match with potential customers searching for your products and services, leading them straight to your website.



    First impressions are everything. Once a potential customer clicks to visit your website, you have a short window of time to impress, engage and inform them, and collect their contact information. Small Screen Producer creates custom e-book downloads and guides, blogs, and other informational resources to incentivize web visitors to provide their contact information and become an official lead. 



    After a customer provides their contact information and their area of interest, the lead nurturing process begins. As a business, you have a unique opportunity to make a soft sale- providing a stream of relevant information to your lead through automated e-mails. If the lead is pleased by the information provided, they have the option to contact you at their convenience. This not only nurtures the sales process but also fosters a relationship of trust between the business and the lead.  



    Marketing automation is the newest category of inbound lead generation services that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure operations and workflows. The use of marketing automation automates tasks for customer segmentation, customer data integration, and email marketing campaigns that would have otherwise been performed manually to increase operational efficiency and grow revenues faster. Contact us to learn about our Marketing Automation dashboards.