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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Attract and Retain Customers Through a Relevant and Targeted Content Marketing Program. Reach Your Ideal Buyer!

Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable and helpful content to today's audience. Content is key to marketing success because it drives lead generation and frequently updates websites with new information to make a positive impact on search engine rankings. Smart marketers know that in order to reach today's customer, they're required to provide them with value and not "hard sell" traditional methods of marketing. By delivering consistent, ongoing, and valuable content to buyers, they ultimately reward companies with their business, loyalty, and referrals.

At Small Screen Producer, we develop content marketing strategies that provide brand promotion, customer acquisition, lead generation, and customer loyalty benefits. Our content marketing strategies continually evolve to bring value to our clients and their customers. Content marketing makes your website easier to find and builds powerful promotion for your brand. 

Take a Look at Our Content Marketing Tools

  • Blogs


    A blog is a webpage where content is published in a chronological fashion. Blog posts can capture a company's branding, personality, and intelligent insight into an array of topics related to their products, services, or industry. Blog sites are the easiest way for a company to begin marketing content and allows brands and start connecting with readers.

  • SOCIAL integration


    eBooks and Whitepapers provide immediate valuable information that generates interest with your ideal customer base and are the mainstays to generating more leads. Like free samples at a grocery store, eBooks interest visitors and bring them by your site and sign up to become a prospective customer. By offering  a little expertise and entertainment  in exchange for a little more consideration, you're improving your lead conversion over time. 

  • videos


    Video marketing has the ability to capture a visitor's attention like nothing else. Build brand promotion that highlights your business' best features or impress a prospective customer with a client testimonial video that shares just how much your customers matter to you. Video has the incredible ability to encourage and build further engagement in less than two minutes and can be embedded almost anywhere on the web from website and blog to social media and email.

  • Press Releases


    Every business, not just large corporations, can leverage the power of press releases. These pieces, when done correctly and combined with other editorial content, can present a company with a strong hold in link building and SEO. Press releases present the "facts" that stem and drive other content through other marketing channels and media. And we have ways of building a strong public relations strategy, refining and distributing messages that receive the maximum exposure and reach. We gear our efforts towards reaching search engines, bloggers, new search, forums, discussion threads, social media, and other online sources. 



    Email marketing can be a powerful marketing channel for businesses to gain new prospects and nurture existing customer relationships. Send crafted messages about company news and events, product announcements, coupons, and feedback requests. Email marketing is one of the top ways to increase digital engagement and ignites conversations and website traffic. 

  • Infographics


    Infographics present readers with an attractive, well-designed visual chart or diagram with interesting information or data. Infographics have the ability to turn long lists of statistics and complicated subject matter into an engaging experience for target audiences. These can be embedded anywhere on the web to add extra magnetic touch to your content.